Saturday, 19 May 2012


'Who will be the bestselling UK romantic fiction authors of tomorrow? Romantic Fiction Online's unique list of ten of the upcoming stars of UK romantic fiction and gives you the low down on who they are, where they come from and what makes them tick...'

Shocking I know but there it is!  A huge thank you to Romantic Fiction Online for the accolade.   

Certainly beats being a falling star (not going to think about that one) ― or indeed a shooting star.  Again best not to contemplate ― particularly as I still have edits ahead of me and Lord knows what that process will do to the psyche.   For now ― I am more than delighted to relish in the rising star label.  And how good is it to see Liz and Henri ― fellow Choc Lit writers, on the list? 

With Choc Lit’s FABULOUS clean sweep wins at the Romantic Novelists Association Awards on Thursday (best newcomer ― Evonne Wareham and Romantic Novel of the Year ― Jane Lovering) ― I rather think Choc Lit deserves the Rising Star accolade too. 

The full piece can be seen here. 


  1. Replies
    1. wow- Sarah - this is fantastic. Will keep everything crossed (not that you need it)! x

    2. Thank you so much Lynda. And I do need it - so hugely appreciated:) Hugs X

  2. Another star in the Choc Lit galaxy! Well done you, excellent stuff!

    1. Thanks Chris :) Shocking but rather nice. If I can achieve anything like your book sales I'll be chuffed to bits. That galaxy comment has got me thinking of chocolate now - and if I find it, I blame you :) X