Friday, 23 November 2012

Ten Days

I'm over on the Choc Lit blog today, talking about the most incredible ten days.

There has never been a ten days like it! 

Sunday, 11 November 2012

I've been zig-zagged!

Thank you  for zig-zagging me, Hywela Lyn 

As part of the zig-zag challenge I’m to find the word ‘look’ and then post the surrounding paragraphs/text. I’ve kept it simple, and gone for the first ‘look’ I could find in ‘No such thing as…immortality.’ 

NSTAI will be the first in the No Such Thing paranormal romance trilogy and is to be released in paperback on 7 January.  It will be available on ebook at the end of the week. It’s about a very British vampire called Nathaniel Gray ― his story, his voice. I believe there’s also some little known vampire film being released in cinemas on Friday. Fancy them releasing their film to coincide with my ebook release :)


  I put my foot down in rise to the challenge – just as an extraordinary metallic crushing sound ripped through my senses. Instinctively, my foot was off the accelerator and smashing the brake pedal to the floor – probably through the floor with the force applied.

  And then there was … eerie silence. I watched the standard-specification airbags inflate as if in slow motion, and found myself absorbed by the thin wisps of smoke that appeared and began their slow, surreal pirouettes through the air before my eyes.

  It was my eyes, refocusing on the view through the glass, that brought reality crashing in. On the bend in the road, about one hundred yards before me, a green car, old by the look of its non-metallic paint, was resting on a wooded bank between two trees. Its back end was crumpled, its make indeterminable – but it had clearly been shunted from behind. Not possible. Absolutely. Not. Possible. There was a moment of unfamiliar confusion …

  And then I was engulfed.


Now it's my turn to tag another ziggy zig zag writer and let them know I tagged them so that they can share their work with the blogging community....

I am choosing the wonderful Christine Stovell. If you’ve not yet read ‘Move over Darling’ ― you are seriously missing out. Christine’s blog can be found here.